Wound care nurses and healthcare providers are encouraged to submit wound care related educational resources.

Malignant / Fungating Wounds

A Clinical Perspective

Management of Surgical Wounds 2018

Comprehensive Review

Wound Management

A Clinical Perspective

An Introduction to Wound Care

Description: Discussing Basic concepts in Wound Care.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Comprehensive Review: Clinical Assessment & Management.

Venous & Arterial Ulcers

Comprehensive Review: Assessment & Management Strategies.

Arterial Disease & Arterial Ulcers

Description: Assessment & Management Strategies of Wounds.

Wound Debridement: 2016 Classification

Learn more about wound debridement in depth and different methods.

Burns: Assessment & Management

Description: A Comprehensive Review of Different Types of Burns.

Surgical Wounds & Incisions

Description: Assessment & Management of Surgical Wounds.

Biofilm: A Wound Management Perspective

Description: Assessment & Management Review of Biofilm.

Incidence of Pressure Ulcer in the Elderly

Description: Longterm Care Wound Care Practice Model.


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